Caribbean Stud

A great time is in the cards for everyone who plays Caribbean Stud. Based on the simple game of Five-Card Stud, it’s a casino table game that offers a progressive jackpot.


To beat the dealer’s hand.


  • Each Player begins by making an opening, or “ante”, bet. Once all ante bets have been placed, the dealer and the players each receive five cards.
  • All cards are dealt face down except the dealer’s last card.
  • After viewing their hands and the dealer’s upcard, each player then has two options: “playing against the dealer’s hand” or folding. If a player folds, his or her ante bet is forfeited. If a player decides to play against the dealer, another wager of twice the amount of the original ante must be placed.
  • After all “play bets” have been placed, the dealer turns the remaining four cards face up. If the dealer doesn’t have at least an Ace-King, the player receives even money on the ante bet, but no action is taken on the play bet.
  • If the dealer does have at least an Ace-King, the players’ hands are turned up, and if they beat the dealer, their play bets are paid according to the payout schedule. Ante bets are paid even money.


One Pair Even Money 1 to 1
Two Pair Up to max. payout 2 to 1
Three Of A Kind Up to max. payout 3 to 1
Straight Up to max. payout 4 to 1
Flush Up to max. payout 5 to 1
Full House Up to max. payout 7 to 1
Four Of A Kind Up to max. payout 20 to 1
Straight Flush Up to max. payout 50 to 1
Royal Flush Up to max. payout 100 to 1


Players may make an optional wager to qualify for the Progressive Jackpot. Each table displays its own Progressive Jackpot meter. Players can win with any of the following: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four Of A Kind, Full House, or Flush. The payout for the latter three hands is fixed, while winnings for a Royal Flush and Straight Flush are a percentage of the meter (see payout schedule).


Flush $50
Full House $100
Four Of A Kind $500
Straight Flush 10% of Meter
Royal Flush 100% of Meter