99 Hops House Food Menu

BBQ Pork Nachos - $10.50
Honey barbecue pork, Tank 7 beer
cheese, candied jalapeños, pickled
onions, roasted corn relish,
creme fraiche

Ultimate Poutine - $10.50
Guinness braised beef, fries,
gouda cheese curds,
 stout gravy

Classic buffalo:
blue cheese dipping sauce

Korean-style: kim chee mayo

Fritto Misto - $8.50
American pilsner beer-battered mixed
 mustard dipping sauce

Hummus Plate - $8
Marinated olives, fresh vegetables,

Chicken Tenders - $11
House-made crispy chicken tenders, stone ground
honey mustard and jalapeno ketchup dipping sauces

Wasabi and cured salmon
Smoky bacon and cheddar             

Cobb Salad - $10
Lettuce mix of bib and romaine, bacon lardons, cucumbers,
pickled onion, blue cheese,
hard boiled egg and green onion
tossed in green goddess dressing
Add smoked chicken- $4
Add fried chicken breast- $4
Add CAB flat iron- $5

Butter lettuce, bacon, blue cheese,
oven-roasted tomatoes,

blue cheese dressing

 The Snack Bar
Curried Cashews - $4
Cashews, Madras curry

Choco Poppo - $3.50
Caramel corn, mixed nuts,
white and dark chocolate

Marinated Mixed
Olives - $3.50
Castelvaltrano, Kalamata and
Sicilian olives, sundried tomatoes,

feta cheese

Pip's Chips - $2
Malt and salt, barbecue,
or sriracha lime

Pip's Burgers
8oz CAB
patty cooked to order and

served on a toasted brioche bun.*

The Famous Pip's - $10              
Vermont cheddar, beefsteak
tomato, red onion, secret sauce

Baby Bella - $10
Crimini mushrooms, caramelized
onions, smoked gouda,
roasted garlic aioli

Baja - $10
Pepperjack cheese, pico de gallo,
tortilla strips, chipotle-lime sauce

The Bacon & Cheese - $12
Vermont cheese, two thick cut strips of smokey
bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle

Served with 99 Hops House
jalapeño corn bread croutons.         

Pulled Brisket Chilli - $5

San Marzano tomato
and fresh basil - $4

French fries - $3

Beer battered
onion rings - $3

Potato salad - $3

Carolina slaw - $3

Tropical fruit - $3

Sour cream & chive
mashed potatoes - $3

Red cabbage - $3

(*Consuming raw or undercooked
meats, poultry, seafood
or shellfish can increase
your risk of food borne illness.)

Chicken Fried Chicken - $12.00
Mashed potatoes, house white gravy, green beans
with caramelized onion, garnished with bacon lardons and scallion

Shepherd's Pie - $11.50
Irish stout braised beef, carrot, celery
onion, mashed potatoes

Krizman's bratwurst and polish sausage
boiled in KC Bier
 Co. Dunkel and grilled,
red cabbage, mashed potatoes, German mustard

Sunny Side Up
Chicken 'n Biscuit* - $10.75
Crispy chicken breast,
fresh baked biscuit,

over-easy egg, sausage gravy,
hot sauce

Fish and Chips - $14
Beer-battered North Atlantic cod,
fries, and tartar sauce

Grilled flat iron, garlic and thyme demi,
sweet potato strings, truffle oil
and herb baked potato fries

Open Faced Guinness
Braised Beef - $13.00
Guinness braised beef,
mashed potatoes, house made

brown gravy, sourdough

Braised Beef Melt - $11.50
Stout braised beef, fontina cheese, caramelized
onions, roasted tomato, arugula, horseradish,
grilled sourdough, served with San Marzano
tomato and fresh basil soup

Crispy chicken breast, gruyere cheese,
sweet and sour cabbage, bread and butter
pickles, German mustard, pretzel bun

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - $11.00
Crispy chicken breast tossed in buffalo sauce
garlic blue cheese spread, gruyere, brioche bun

Pulled Pork - $10.50
Honey barbecue pork, onion ring, pickle chips
Carolina slaw, brioche bun

Chicken Salad Sandwich - $8
Pulled smoked chicken, celery, red onion,
 toasted cashews, mayo,
whole grain bread

B.E.L.T.* - $8.75
Bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato,
garlic aioli,
 toasted sourdough

Margherita - $10
Roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella,
San Marzano
 tomato sauce, basil,
balsamic drizzle

The Classic - $12
Pepperoni, San Marzano tomato sauce
fresh mozzarella
 grated parmesan cheese,

Honey barbecue pork, fresh mozzarella,
gouda curds, roasted corn,

candied jalapeno, pickled red onion,
cilantro pesto drizzle

'Shroom - $12
Grilled portabella, shiitake and
oyster mushrooms, 
roasted tomatoes,
caramelized onions, mozzarella