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Promotion Period:
•    Argosy Casino Hotel and Spa’s “Earn and Indulge” Promotion will be held on Mondays and Thursdays in March 2019.
•    Must be a member of the Marquee Rewards program to participate. Argosy’s Marquee Rewards card is free and may be obtained at the Players Club.
•    Must be 21 years of age or older to obtain a Marquee Rewards card, a government issued photo ID is required to verify age.
•    Participants must use their Marquee Rewards card in order to participate in this promotion.
•    Guests will be notified of “Earn and Indulge” via mail, e-mail, host and/or phone.
•    This promotion is an additional benefit of being a Marquee Rewards card holder.


•    Guests are invited to earn 30 faux tier points on Mondays and Thursday in March 2019 to get a $10 food credit.
•    Guest are invited to earn an additional 30 faux tier points on the same day to get another $10 food credit.
•    A Faux Tier point is defined as coin-in on slots and video poker, for example, $5 of coin-in is equal to 1 Faux Tier Point.
•    A Faux Tier point is equal to a tier point earned on table games.
•    Guests can visit any kiosk to print of the voucher on Mondays and Thursday from 10:00am-11:59pm once faux tier points are earned.
•    Voucher is valid seven (7) days from the day of issuance, excluding Friday and Saturday.
•    In the event of a system malfunction an alternative method may be provided at the discretion of management.
•    Guest are eligible to earn on both Monday and Thursday of the same week throughout the promotional period.
•    Faux Tier Points earned are earned on gaming day only, Faux Tier Points do not roll over.
•    Participants are eligible for all 2 prizes once they meet the criteria (see below). Max per day is $20 in Food Credit and min per day is $10 in Food Credit

EARN                             WIN FOOD CREDIT
30 Faux Tier Points    $10 Food Credit
60 Faux Tier Points    $10 Food Credit

•    The vouchers may be used Sunday through Thursday of the same week, during operating hours of the outlets (outlined in disclaimer on the prize).

General Rules:
•    All times listed above are local time.
•    All participants must have a Marquee Rewards card. The Marquee Rewards card is free and may be obtained by presenting a valid, state-issued ID at the Players Club.
•    Must be twenty-one (21) years of age to participate in this promotion.
•    Each winner must present valid government issued photo identification and Marquee Rewards card to claim any prizes.
•    Persons who have been evicted from any Penn National Gaming, Inc. casino or those who have entered into a self-exclusion program or who have been entered into a state exclusion program in a state where a Marquee Rewards subsidiary of Penn National Gaming, Inc. operates and is connected to the Marquee Rewards Universe will not be eligible to participate.
•    Employees of Penn National Gaming, Inc., their immediate family members (immediate family is defined as employee’s spouse, parents, sibling, child or stepchild) and employees of Penn National Gaming, Inc.'s affiliate companies are not eligible to participate.
•    Family members of Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa employees are not eligible to participate in this program at Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa.
•    Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa is not responsible for lost or stolen cards or lost/misdirected mail.
•    Program benefits are not transferable between patrons and are not valid in conjunction with any other promotion. Said determination will be made at the sole discretion of Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa.
•    Use of the Marquee Rewards card indicates acceptance of these Official Rules.
•    Any dispute or situation not covered by the above rules will be resolved by Management in a manner deemed by them the fairest to all concerned. That decision shall be final and binding on all participants. In addition, Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa reserves the right to change, modify or cancel this program at any time.
•    Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa reserves the right to void any entry.
•    Participation in this promotion is in agreement to abide by the rules of Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa’s “Earn and Indulge.”
•    Must be present to win.
•    If a winner is unable to physically participate, a person of that winner’s choosing will be allowed to represent the winner in the promotion.
•    Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa may disqualify any person for any prize based upon fraud, dishonesty, and violation of promotional rules or other misconduct.
•    Promotion is subject to all applicable federal and state rules and regulations, including gaming, and all aspects of the promotion are subject to approval by the appropriate regulatory authorities and are void where prohibited.
•    Winners are responsible for any and all taxes (income or sales), licenses, registrations, and other government-imposed fees.
•    Penn National Gaming, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for incorrect information in the database, incorrect mail, failure to pick up mail, or any consequential damages arising therefrom, including but not limited to, forfeiture of prizes.
•    In the event a cancellation of the event is necessary, guests will be notified either in writing, phone call, e-mail or on property signage, whichever is deemed the most efficient method at the time of the cancellation. The gaming agent on duty will also be notified in writing and verbally at the time a cancellation is deemed necessary.  
•    Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa reserves the right to remove or revoke promotional giveaway credits (i.e. free FREEPLAY), comp worth and player reward credits (i.e. points) for any persons on any state exclusion list or enrolled in any state self-exclusion program (e.g. disassociated persons, self-excluded patrons), patrons whose accounts have been merged or duplicated, patrons permanently banned from the property by casino management or government authorities or patrons who have voluntarily excluded themselves at other Penn National Gaming, Inc. properties.