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Promotion Period:

Argosy Casino's "RISING Cash Jackpot" Hot Seat Promotion will begin Saturday, January 26th , 2013 and will continue until the promotion is cancelled.


 Guests must be at a slot machine with a mychoice Player's card active in the machine to be eligible.


 •    The promotional jackpot will begin with $500 and will be won randomly before the amount reaches $5,000 and will be awarded in SLOTPLAY. The progressively increasing jackpot amount will be displayed on selected monitors throughout the casino. After the jackpot is achieved the amount will automatically be reset to $500 and begin again.
•    The promotional jackpot will increment according to the amount of coin in played by all guests who have active mychoice players club cards properly inserted into a slot machine.
•    At the time that the jackpot is randomly achieved, one winner will be randomly selected from the player tracking system.
•    An Argosy representative will go out and locate the randomly selected person to disperse the jackpot. If the selected player is not at the machine, Argosy Casino will make a good faith effort to notify the guest with the available information in the guest's current player's club account, for 30 calendar days. If the guest cannot be located or has not claimed their jackpot within 30 calendar days the SLOTPLAY will be forfeited.
•    If the selected winner is playing with a mychoice card other than their own at the time of the jackpot, the winner will still be eligible for the jackpot. This applies even if the selected winner does not have a mychoice account.