Web Accessibility

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Commitment to Accessibility

The Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa is committed to providing guests with access to information, services, and facilities, regardless of disability status. To that end, the Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa offers a number of accessible rooms and built-in accessibility features in its facilities. The Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa’s website also incorporates elements that provide accessibility to guests with disabilities.  

Requests for Reasonable Accommodations

Guests who need a reasonable accommodation to access information, services, or facilities at the Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa or via the Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa website should send an email to kansascityinfo@pngaming.com or call us at 816-746-3100 to provide the date on which the reasonable accommodation is needed and information about the nature of the requested accommodation. Guests should include contact information such as an email address or telephone number at which they can be reached. The Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa may need sufficient notice to provide a reasonable accommodation, depending on the nature of the requested accommodation.The Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa welcomes calls from guests who use telephone relay services.

Website Accessibility

Guests with disabilities who experience accessibility issues with our website may notify us by sending an email to kansascityinfo@pngaming.com or calling us at 816-746-3100. In your communication to us, please specify the nature of the accessibility difficulty, including the web address, that may have presented an accessibility challenge.

Links to Third Party Websites

The Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa’s website contains links to certain websites hosted and controlled by third party entities. The Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa does not make representations with regard to the accessibility of these websites and is unable to remediate barriers to access that users with disabilities may experience in using such websites.